Error solution

If the LED does not turn off and there is no response when operating the minee, there are three possible causes:

1.Low battery power

2.NFC tag error

3.Usage environment

Here are instructions on how to diagnose the cause and how to resolve each cause.

1. Low battery power

Assuming daily use,  batteries can be used for an average of 3 to 5 weeks. 

If the battery power is low, the colour remains to be operated, or the LED will remain solid at startup and will show symptoms of no response. 

it's been about a month since the battery was replaced, and if it doesn't work during normal use, please try changing the battery.

2. NFC tag error

Minee calculates the speed and angle of movement according to the time value entered on her phone. Occasionally, it may not be recognized correctly during the input process. In this case, a phrase appears indicating that NFC awareness is unstable. 

An unstable perception can erase the time values entered in the Minee before recognition, and not enter new time values.  If you operate it in this state, you don't know how fast and at what angle you're going to move, so it doesn't start and it doesn't work. 

Therefore, please remove 1 battery first and shut down Minee forcibly. With 1 battery removed, select the time you want to use the Minee app and let it be recognized.  If it is recognized successfully, put the battery back in and turn it on. 

3. Usage Environment

It is designed to be located at the bottom of Minee’s NFC module tagging. NFC modules are highly sensitive parts that can easily respond to small radio waves, magnetic forces, and may not function normally if used around magnetic metals or electromagnets with current (especially above). 

Only during initial operation, check the start of the operation and put it in the re-use position to work without any problems.

Hasn't the problem been resolved yet? Please contact the following contact

Kakaotalk plus friend   @마이니


Line    @509tadjm

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